Cooption of Councillors

Co-option of Councillors


Your Parish needs YOU!        

Your Parish Council has a reputation for being pro-active, dynamic and a force to be reckoned with in our community in order to preserve and enhance the distinctive character of our village and to promote community initiatives.

However, a generation has just retired, leaving us with four members to represent you all – David Bonny, David Keane, Steve Hodgson and Ray Baxendale – an all-male cast. This won’t do, it is vital that we have a more diverse representation.

David Keane is our ‘youngest‘ councillor, he says-“This is Grass-roots democracy achieving stuff without Party Politics. It’s rewarding, educational and at times challenging, but always worthwhile. If you treasure the village, come and join the Team.”

From May 3rd there are five vacancies. The electoral register indicates that we have over 1,400 eligible candidates – surely five or more of you have the time, commitment and energy to step forward to a difference? Women, Under 50s(!), residents from Wyton and Pine Hill Park we need you to balance the council membership.

Don’t prevaricate, confirm your interest today by phoning or emailing the Parish Clerk or seek out one of us for a chat. All firm applications in writing by 8 June 2018.

Step Forward and Make a Difference

Ray Baxendale, Vice-Chair

Your Community needs YOU

Contributing to the Parish Council in a rural village 60 Miles from London, may not seem the most exciting thing you could do twice a month, but it could be one of the most Important and rewarding things anyone can take on. 

The Parish Council do not simply ponder litter on pavements or worry about cars parking around The Green. Instead your Parish Councillors are tasked with representing the interests of local people on local, regional and national issues such as the development of Wyton New Town.

It is an important and influential voice in matters of planning and infra-structure that have the potential to improve or ruin from the quality of our daily lives. 

That doesn’t detract from the important role the Parish Council has in maintaining and improving many every aspect to village life. With a young family and a busy job it would be easy to take a backseat and let others take up the challenge. What the last couple of years serving you on the Parish Council has taught me is that there is a great deal of work to do to maintain and enhance our village and quality of life. Without the work and enthusiasm of people like you and me it just won’t get done and our village would be all the poorer for that.

YOU need your community

The Parish Council has thrived and punched above its weight because of the people of this community. Five senior, respected and long-standing members of the Parish Council have now retired and these seats need to be filled by people representative of our community to maintain its vibrancy. Being involved with the management of the village may not seem very fashionable or exciting but it is essential, rewarding and affirming putting you at the heart of your community. 

And now a word of warning! Allowing the Parish Council to dwindle could hand the autonomy we value so greatly and exercise so effectively, to the District Council. Are they going to have the views, opinions and best interests of our community as their primary and overarching priority? Could you do a better job?

Steve Hodgson






 These vacancies will be filled by co-option.


Residents wishing to be considered should lodge their interest in writing with the Parish Clerk by FRIDAY 8 JUNE 2018. (see contact details below)


The selection for these vacancies will be held at the next Parish Council meeting.  Candidates will be contacted and agendas are published on the Parish Council notice board at The Green and the Parish Council website

Candidates are requested to attend this meeting to discuss with the Council their reasons for wishing to become a Councillor.  Selection will be by a private ballot of the Councillors.

For and behalf of the Parish Council.

 Lois Dale

Parish Clerk                            Contact the Clerk:  (01480) 467209              0786 457 6694

 03 May 2018