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Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus  COVID-19    Items Added  1 July

(You have come directly to this page during the current crisis but you can of course navigate to the rest of the site via the bar above. )

The purpose of this page is to provide access to official (accurate) information. 

Below are links to key information sources which are kept updated by their originators

NHS         dedicated webpage :           click  here


GOV.UK   Public Health Matters :      click here

GOV.UK   Government response :    click here

BBC  News   Coronavirus  latest :    click here 

Huntingdonshire District Council services:    click here
                   HDC Hub  - Coronavirus key advice:    click HDC Hub

Cambridgeshire County Council services:    click here

Parish Updates

Parish Update     Cambridgeshire & Peterborough City      Councils

This is a very frequent news update  on local services etc. which will be copied to a new directory page. Latest added =  1 July

Access is via the new web page under Current Issues,  by clicking on Parish Updates below or click here

The following items refer to files  at the bottom of this page 
click on file name to view or  the arrow to download
These  items are not updated.

Parish Council  -  Timebank  -  Shop :     letter   

Parish Council Coronavirus Emergency arrangements

Stagecoach   Route B timetable :    Temporary

NHS             advice  information :       leaflets

Scams  -   Face to Face, Telephone & Online        see the police update on 24 March :  click here

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