Guided Bus Stops on A1123  updated on 5 Feb 2019


        The bus stops are in use as from Thursday 21 Feb 2019.

         The Real Time Information (RTI) signs will be available soon

Plans and Site

You can see the project listed on Cambridgeshire Roadworks website at :

then on the top right of the page change "today"  to "2 weeks" by clicking small arrow then 

enter your post code to see detailed map.(Note the other roadworks on Houghton Hill at the same time.) 

At the bottom of this page are 3 documents which you can view or download:

  • first is a landscape image of the final construction plan
  • second is the original plan in portrait format but with legible text, you can rotate if you download first.
  • third is a Google Earth view of the site 

Bus Service

Details of the start of bus services will be published as soon as available from Stagecoach.


It has been a four-year struggle to meet the design requirements of the statutory authorities, the bus operator, Stagecoach, and to arrive at an affordable scheme for the Parish Council as the principal funder.  

The total project budget is now £105,000, requiring a £55,000 contribution from the Parish Council.  Forward financial planning, including success with grant applications has enabled this level of contribution to be available to invest in this essential public services project.


The revised design now allows for buses in each direction to stop on the A1123 carriageway, a pedestrian road crossing, street lights and bus shelters (with Real Time Traffic Information) and has now been completed on behalf of the Highways Dept. (Cambs CC) by their approved highways contractor   - SKANSKA.


Project costings for the simplified design have been agreed with a cost of £105,000 including a contingency of £10,000.

Extra costs may be incurred on improving footpaths to provide safe access to the new bus stops.


Funding will come from a number of sources as follows:

Cambridge County Council contribution -  £50,000

Parish Council:   
                            -         the PC has obtained approval  from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) to get a loan of up to                                       £40,000 and will apply for the loan from the Public Works Loan Board when required.
                            -         up to £30,000 from the PC's financial reserves, including £7000 from the one off increase on precept for 2018/19, leaving                                              remaining reserves in compliance with the PC's reserve policy. 

                             -         a grant application for £10,000 from the A14 Communities Fund has been successful
                            -          an application has been submitted to HDC for a contribution from the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) but there has been                                         no response..

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