Guided Bus Stops on A1123  updated on 3 May 2018

The final cost from the County Council's contractor was way over the initial estimate and Cllr Ian Bates has asked for the project to be reviewed in order for the costs to be reduced to that initial figure (see below). This has resulted in a delay in the  timescale.

The PC is working with a project coordinator from the Highways Dept. of Cambridgeshire County Council, supported by  Cllr Ian Bates and the Stagecoach bus company is involved as and when appropriate.

Design and construction will be carried by a Cambs CC approved contractor.


The design of the new pull ins with associated entrance and exit slips,  pedestrian road crossing, street lights and bus shelters
 has now been completed on behalf of the Highways Dept. (Cambs CC) by their approved contractor   - SKANSKA.


Project costings are currently being finalised with an initial estimate of £150,000 (includes 30% contingency).


Funding will come from a number of sources as follows:

Cambridge County Council contribution -  £50,000

Parish Council:    -         grants from three bodies have been applied for, with two already unsuccessful, leaving a possible total of £10,000
                            -          an application has just been submitted to HDC for a contribution from the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy).
                            -         the PC is intending to get a loan of £30,000 and this could be from Cambridge County Council or the Public Works Loan Board.
                                       the PC has to get permission to have a loan from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and an application is being finalised
                                       an application for the loan itself, from Cambs CC, is also being prepared.
                            -         £7,000 from a one off increase in the precept (rates) for 2018/19 (included in the approved  budget for 2018/19 and in the precept).
                            -         up to £40,000 from the PC's financial reserves, leaving remaining reserves in compliance with the PC's reserve policy. 


The final costings are expected to be agreed in May/June, with loan approvals in July and commencement of construction at the end of July/early August.