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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

This is a new page and is still under development. It's objective is to provide information about Neighbourhood Watch, how to set-up a residents' group and to act as an information clearing house.

Current Status

Apart from the group in Victoria Crescent, Neighbourhood Watch has become dormant in the Parish.

The national organisation has been undergoing a reinvention and is once again very active with new initiatives and help and guidance.

Click the link to see their website: www.ourwatch.org.uk

There is also a very active County association at: www.cambsnhw.org.uk  contact = Robin Sutton (Chairman)  email - robin55@btopenworld.com


Crime has also moved on and burglaries have dropped but Scams have increased together with drug related crime and terrorism.

Objectives of Neighbourhood Watch

The objectives are still the same, namely to encourage communities to look out for themselves, provide intelligence to the Police, and so help prevent crime and to provide neighbourly help if and when required.


If you wish to set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme where you live then first 

-    familiarise yourself with the NW and County websites.

-    talk to your neighbours to gauge interest

-    procede by following the guide at  " Setting up a new NHW Scheme"  on County website: www.cambsnhw.org.uk


Parish:   Cllr David Bonny,  ????????? - (Victoria Crescent group coordinator)

County:    County NW liason:  www.cambsnhw.org.uk       contact = Robin Sutton (Chairman)  email - robin55@btopenworld.com

National:  website - www.ourwatch.org.uk,     Facebook -  /https://www.facebook.com/ourwatch,   Twitter - https://twitter.com/N_Watch