Council Members

All Councillors are members of the General Committee.

The chairman is:   Lesley Craig.

The deputy chairman is:  Ray Baxendale


 Councillor:  Lesley Craig        Chairman of Parish Council

 Address:  53 Home Farm Road, Houghton, PE28 2BN

 Tel:    01480 494018



 Councillor:  Heather Merryweather      

 Address: 3 Ansley Road, Houghton, PE28 2DQ

 Tel:    01480 497003



 Councillor:  Ray Baxendale       Deputy Chairman of Parish Council

 Address:  Thicket Road, Houghton,  PE28 2

 Tel:    01480 469990


 Councillor:   Steve  Hodgson

 Address:  61 Home Farm Road, Houghton PE28 2BN


 Tel:   07712 867801


 Councillor:  Carol Munro

 Address:   Southdown, Houghton Hill, Houghton,  PE28 2BS

 Tel:    01480 462144



 Councillor:  Peter Barwell

 Address: Tuscans, Laughtons Lane, Houghton PE28 2AT.

 Tel:    01480 463945



 Councillor:  David Bonny

 Address:  23 Ware Lane, Wyton,  PE28 2AJ

 Tel:    01480 497866



 Councillor:  Paul Boothman

 Address:   Buckley House, Thicket Road, Houghton,  PE28 2

 Tel:    01480 466588



 Councillor:  David Keane

 Address:  1 Bell Villas,  Mill Street,  Houghton

 Tel:    07455 527164