Site News  

The purpose of this page is to record additions and changes to this website so that users may more easily find the latest information. 

11 Mar 2020 - New page on Coronavirus added and is landing page

7 Dec 2018 - New Neighbourhood Watch page added.

3 May 2018 -  The Neighbourhood Plan Page has been moved from Current Issues to Parish Council and updated to reflect the successful referendum etc.

16 Jul 2017  -   Removed pages for Timebank and Community Shop,  added new links on Home page to their websites. 

                         Removed following pages in Current Issues - Street Lighting -  Devolution - Traffic Calming. Changed to standard banner.

11 Dec 2016 - New banner and colour theme. 

23 Sep 2016 - New Time Bank page added.

1 Aug 2016 - New Horizontal navigation bar with new item of "Current Issues" introduced and main page width increased. This increase allowed all normal text to be increased from 10 to 12pt. for easier reading. Colour scheme updated for a 'cleaner look'.

5 Feb 2015 - Added new page 'Huntingdonshire Local Plan'

22 Jan 2015 - Added new page 'Telephone Scams'

12 Jan 2015 - Changed to winter page banner.

4 Dec 2014 - Removed reference to the 2 sub committees and amended "About the Council" page. 

2 Dec 2014 -  Added "Wyton Airfield" page

1 Dec 2014 -  reorganised Minutes library into quarterly folders to aid access since documents are automatically filed in alphabetical order.

24 Nov 2014 - Changed the page name "contact us" to "contact clerk".

6 Nov 2014 -  Added 2 new folders to Document Library, CambsCC and PC Policies,

26 Sep 2014 -     Added paragraph to 'Flooding' on 'Emergency Contacts' page re. County Council emergency flooding contacts and                                 Riparian rights associated  reference documents.

3 Sep 2014 -      New temporary Street Lighting page added.

1 Sep 2014   -     Data protection and ICO registration details added to Terms and Conditions.

26 Aug 2014  -    The navigation table on the left has been reorganised and is no longer in alphabetical order. The main reason was to get                             the new Village Calendar at the top.    The previous calendar showing Parish Council Meetings is now under Parish                                 Council  -  Council Meetings.  Pavilion Booking and Register are under How To.

1 Aug 2014    -    Reorganised document libraries. Archive of Minutes now under Minutes Library. New Document Archive under Document                           Library. Created a number of new folders in Document Library. Uploaded a number of files from the old website and                                   added some new items.       

8 July 2014    -    Maintenance work to remove extraneous navigation links and to make each new page open in the same window to allow                           navigation using the browser back arrow (top left hand corner of screen)..

13 June 2014

Changes        -    updated description of how the Parish Council works to include change in the Committee structure. If after 6  mths the                              new  structure remains then this section will be rewritten.

                   -        updated councillors’ details following the election.

Additions     -       temporary page promoting Feast Week. A news item will follow nearer the time.

                  -           a new page on the Neighbourhood Plan documents  (this page will take over from the NP website when the Plan is                                  completed).

                 -              3 footpath walk guide added (from Councillor P. Barwell)

                 -       a Site News page to track changes and additions to this website. (this page)