Emergency Contacts 

If you see a problem please contact the relevant agency directly and also let the Parish Clerk know so that the Parish Council is aware and can follow up to ensure a resolution.


Click on the links below for information - 

                Environment Agency       Prepare for flooding            Flood warnings             Flood map

There are two documents at the bottom of this page, the first provides emergency flood response contacts and responsibilities provided by Cambridgeshire County Council and the second describes landowners rights and responsibilities for waterways on or near their land (Riparian rights).

If you wish to report flooding, that did not result in an emergency call, for it to be recorded then email the Cambridgeshire County Council Flood Team at Floodandwater@Cambridgeshire.gov.uk.

This will help them gather information on flooding trends.

Trees fallen              

 If on public road see road problems below, if on a footpath or the playing field 

inform the   Parish Clerk,   otherwise the landowner.

Illegal Fishing in River   

 If you see anyone illegally fishing or doing anything untoward in regard to the river area please 

immediately phone 0800 807 060 (Environment Agency) with as much detail as you can.

Road Problems       

If a road is blocked by flood, fallen tree etc. 

     first call the police on 999 or 112, as they will provide the quickest response and will provide warning signs for road users

     then also call the responsible body and let them know the police have been informed.

Road problems can be reported online at :  http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/info/20081/roads_and_pathways/10/roadworks_and_faults

click on above and then click on 'report a pothole or other problem'.

Street Lights            

To report a problem click here: Balfour Beatty   

Water supply and sewers  

Click to contact:  Anglian  Water   or phone 08457 145 145 

To report a leak phone - 0800 771 881

Cambridgeshire County Council 

Click for:      Emergency Information     from Cambridgeshire County Council.


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