Wyton Airfield Development  last updated on 17 May 2019

The full scale development of this site (see below) is on hold pending a solution to the infrastructure improvements required to support it.

However there is proposal, in its initial stages, to build up to 650 homes in the form of a retirement village  - watch this space for more details as it progresses.


The proposed housing development of 4500 plus houses at Wyton Airfield will have a very significant impact on the Parish.

To put its size in perspective, houses in St Ives = 7010, Ramsey = 3559 and Houghton & Wyton = 826 .
(figures from 2011 census).

What does it mean to us?

There will be changes and additions to the roads and transport infrastructure. 

There will be  impacts on every aspect of life, some will be negative and others could be positive:

  • congestion and pollution (Noise and air) .
  • local shops and other businesses.
  • schools and health services
  • sports facilities
  • utilities especially water, sewerage and drainage
  • the environment
  • wildlife

Current Situation

This development is likely to be excluded from HDC's Local Plan. 

Cambridgeshire County Council have already included it in their Transport Strategy (25 Nov 2014) with further work to be done to confirm the details of new and upgraded roads.


The developer has been appointed and is: 
  1. Crest Nicholson
  2. Crest Nicholson is a British housebuilding company based in Chertsey, Surrey. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.
  3. Founded1963             FoundersBryan SkinnerGeoffrey Fox

Parish Council's Action

3 Parish Councillors attended a briefing hosted by HDC on the 21 Jan 2015 and agreed (At PC Meeting 21 Jan) to follow up with direct meetings with the developer.

Presented objections at both meetings of County committee that reviewed and agreed Transport Strategy.

Liaising with neighbouring Parishes and other interested  bodies.

Organised a public meeting with HDC and CCC officers on 4 Dec 2014. 
The Officers' presentations are in the files below titled "Wyton Transport Links December 2014"  with a PDF and a Powerpoint version available. 

The Parish Council will be discussing it's future action plan at it's meeting on Wedneday 17 December 2014. 

Parish Councils' View

There is no clearly stated reason for these proposed houses to be built at Wyton Airfield.

It is not a strategic choice but an opportunity to help HDC achieve their overall house building target from this windfall brownfield site.

Although designated as a brownfield site an airfield is largely grass land and a major part could therefore be returned to farm land, leaving a much smaller development of perhaps 500 houses which would, with the existing houses at Wyton on the Hill, create a sustainable settlement.

If these houses are needed to provide homes for people working in Cambridge then  choosing a site separated by a major river from the main trunk road (A14) to Cambridge is not the best option.

If the jobs are in St Ives, Huntingdon or Alconbury Weald then there is no need for specific (new) access to the A14.

Inclusion of this poorly thought out development in the emerging Local Plan could result in the whole Plan being rejected when it comes before the Inspector. 

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