Houghton and Wyton Time Bank  




                 Time Bank now has its own website at:     Houghtonwytontimebank.co.uk 


         H&W Time Bank is a way of supporting the community, Houghton and Wyton already has a wonderful network of clubs and                     organisations  and an amazing sense of community spirit. The H&W Time Bank wishes to continue to support this and help to                 develop new ways to  make community links. 

        We are all very good at helping our neighbours and supporting our families, but do you have time and skills you could                            volunteer further. Maybe you are a whizz at CV's, maybe you enjoy dog walking, maybe you need some help with your garden.  

         Well the Time Bank needs your help!

         What is the Time Bank?

        It will be a way for people to help others in our community and be rewarded for it – in time. For every hour of time you give helping           someone, you receive one hour of time credit.  

        The Time Bank will also be running fun, free activities in partnership with the local community.

        What can you do with your time credits?

        You can ‘spend’ your time credits when you need help from someone else. You can give them to another person who needs some help.          You can save them

           As the Time Bank develops we will be making links with local businesses, such as cinemas and restaurants to gain discounts using            your  time credits. 

           It is already possible to use time credits towards adult learning courses in St Ives and at Wyboston Leisure Centre.

        Who can join the Time Bank?

        Anyone Age, ability, lack of finance or limited mobility are not barriers to participating in the Time Bank.  

        Look below for the ways in which you might get involved.

         Our Coordinator

         Our Time bank coordinator is  Vickie Graham.

         Vickie will be sharing the Parish Council office (St Mary's Centre) with our clerk and will be there on the following days and times. 

      You can contact Vickie by:

       -    visiting the office

       -    phoning  07484 524180

       -    by emailing at:       v.grahamhwpc@gmail.com 

        -   Facebook at:           
        -    Twitter at:  

        -    Website is:  
   Office times:-

    Monday           9am to 11am

    Wednesday    9am to 11am

    Friday             9am to 11am.