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Census 2021

What’s happening with the Census?

The Census is taking place in March 2021 as planned, the ONS has reviewed the Census plans in light of COVID19 and they are confident that everyone will be able to provide their information safely and securely. This was confirmed by ONS to Local Authorities in October, here’s a link to the communication. 

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all in different ways, and it has further emphasised the need for up-to-date data about the population to help organisations shape services for society for the years to come. 

For the first time this will be a digital-first Census, but paper copies will be available for those who need it. Help will be available for people who need support to take part online or need translations, through a public contact centre. Accessible options are also available.

ONS have listened to users and to broaden understanding of our modern society there are new and voluntary questions in this Census about armed forces leavers, gender identity and sexual orientation.

There is more information about Census 2021 here and downloadable handbooks and leaflets here.

How can you help?

Ahead of the national media campaign starting in January, it would be fantastic if you could help spread the word about Census 2021. As someone involved in your community, you’ll know exactly what help and encouragement people need. 

There are many ways to do this:

  • Raise awareness of the Census with people you know, in community organisations and any places people go to for help.
  • Encourage people to apply for Census Jobs - recruitment is happening now for the field operations roles and a Roma Community Adviser.
  • Promote the Census in things like community newsletters, meetings and websites, using the information on the Census website and in downloadable handbooks and leaflets. We will soon have posters available in many languages.
  • Promote the Census on social media, following and sharing the official Census2021 posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.
  • Give a presentation to members of your community that may need the most encouragement or help to complete the Census (could be a video meeting due to COVID-19). I can support this with materials and/or by attending if you would like.
  • Organise completion activities for March 2021 for those that may need the most encouragement or help to complete the online or paper form, support services will be made available. I can support this with materials and/or by attending if you would like.

I expect you’re very busy, so once you’ve had time to review this information please do let me know your thoughts, how I can help and if you have any questions. :)

If you have contacts in the local community that you think would be interested in talking to me about the Census, please let me know or pass them my contact details below.

Thank you so much in advance for any support that you can give, you understand your local area and the people around you better than anyone. With your help, we can ensure everyone in Huntingdonshire & Fenland can take part in the Census and be counted.

Census engagement manager

Christine Doody | CEM Huntingdonshire & Fenland| Office for National Statistics | +44 (0)7452 942 381 |