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Houghton and Wyton Parish Council

Footpaths and Walks

We are very fortunate to have a comprehensive network of bridleways and footpaths in reasonable condition. Several form part of the Ouse Valley Way whilst others offer short cuts through the village and parish to enjoy the Cambridgeshire countryside.

The Ouse Valley Way

Starting at the Mill, (1) goes under the Mill towards the lock (which is actually in Hemingford Abbots) and from here is a pleasant walk or cycle ride to Godmanchester or Hemingford Abbots.

Or, in the other direction from the Mill, walk diagonally across the first field (2) in the caravan site to the kissing gate on Love Lane (7), turn right and follow the footpath to Thicket Road. Turn right again walk to the end and then over the white bridge to St Ives (10). This is a very popular walk and a much more pleasant way of going to St Ives than along the A1123. For the more adventurous, after the last house on the left go over the style on to (8), walk diagonally north east, over a small bridge and into the bird sanctuary.

There is car parking on the National Trust property at Houghton Mill and during the summer season a tea shop. All year round we are fortunate to have 2 village pubs offering refreshments as well as a thriving village shop and post office.

Walks in the Parish

Around the village and the Cambridgeshire countryside

Footpath (3) forms a very pleasant walk particularly with the dog. Starting at the campsite go east along the river through the kissing gate and follow the river round. Sandy Lane (11) leading to the end of Thicket Road. Meadow Lane (12) has recently been regenerated and is a pleasant walk through the village. Footpath (13) is a small shortcut to the A1123 opposite (25).

Footpaths (4), (5) and (6) cross the churchyard of our Parish Church. Footpath (9) is a small footpath leading from Love Lane (7) to Thicket Road opposite (14).

Footpath (14), The Lanes, runs from Thicket Road to Home Farm Road with (14a) leading further down Home Farm Road and (15) to St Ives Road. A popular route to other parts of the village avoiding the roads.

Footpath (16) from Chapel Lane to Green Lane is being upgraded as an alternative route between Wyton and the village centre without using the narrow path along the main road. Church Walk (17) leads to the old church yard with its association to the RAF.

Gypsy Lane (18) and Ruddles Lane (22 and 21) are pleasant rights of way through the Cambridgeshire countryside. Footpath (24) goes diagonally across fields to Sawtry Way; this is up hill and worth the views looking down on Houghton and Wyton, Hemingford Abbots and even Godmanchester. Footpath (23) is a short cut to Splash Lane.

Footpath (20) is a small footpath on common land by the duck pond (beware of the ducks!). Footpath (25) is another walk up hill to Sawtry Way and again the views are worth looking down for. Cottage Lane (19) is a short cut from the A1123 to Sawtry Way.

For an alternative route to the north of St Ives, footpath (25) goes down by the side of the houses at Wyton-on-the-Hill, leading to footpath (27) and St Ives.

Click the file name below to view the Footpath Map or the Three Walks booklet . To downward a copy click the arrow. 

In addition there is booklet, available to purchase in the village shop, describing 3 walks in detail with some delightful illustrations. 


Footpath Map & Guide

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