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Houghton and Wyton Parish Council

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PC Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

Council Meetings

The Parish Council normally meets on the first Wednesday in the month starting at 7:00pm in the St Mary's Centre (Chapel Retreat) in Chapel Lane unless the agenda says differently. 

If needed another meeting may be called in a month to deal with planning applications or other urgent matters..

To find the next meeting look at the calendar below using the arrow heads at the top to move between months.

Agendas are normally available a few days before the meeting and are in the folder below. They will remain here for a short period only. 

Minutes effectively contain their respective agenda and are available in draft form soon after the meeting and in final form after their approval at the next meeting, typically 5-6 weeks after the meeting.

Those for the current year can be seen in the folder below. Older minutes are in the Minutes Library


« September 2021 »
Wednesday 1 September 2021
Thursday 2 September 2021
Friday 3 September 2021
Saturday 4 September 2021
Sunday 5 September 2021
Monday 6 September 2021
Tuesday 7 September 2021
Wednesday 8 September 2021 19:00: Houghton & Wyton Parish Council meeting
Thursday 9 September 2021
Friday 10 September 2021
Saturday 11 September 2021
Sunday 12 September 2021
Monday 13 September 2021
Tuesday 14 September 2021
Wednesday 15 September 2021
Thursday 16 September 2021
Friday 17 September 2021
Saturday 18 September 2021
Sunday 19 September 2021
Monday 20 September 2021
Tuesday 21 September 2021
Wednesday 22 September 2021 Annual Parish Meeting 7:30pm
23 September 2021
24 September 2021
25 September 2021
26 September 2021
27 September 2021
28 September 2021
29 September 2021
30 September 2021


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 22nd Sept 2021.pdf15 September 2021125kB
Parish Council Agenda 8 Sept 2021.pdf03 September 2021186kB
Parish Council Agenda 4 August 2021.pdf29 July 2021195kB
Parish Council Agenda 28 June 2021.pdf22 June 2021187kB
Parish Council Agenda 2 June 2021.pdf26 May 2021195kB
Annual Meeting of Parish Council Agenda 5 May 2021.pdf28 April 2021201kB
Parish Council Agenda 7 April 2021.pdf29 March 2021195kB
Parish Council Agenda 3 March 2021.pdf26 February 2021246kB

Minutes 2020

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Parish Council Minutes 2 Dec 2020.pdf28 January 2021161kB
Parish Council Minutes 4 Nov 2020.pdf11 December 2020253kB
Parish Council Minutes 7 Oct 2020.pdf05 November 2020173kB
Parish Council Minutes 9 Sept 2020.pdf29 October 2020274kB
Parish Council Minutes 12 Aug 2020.pdf18 September 202080kB
Parish Council Minutes 1 July 2020.pdf18 September 202082kB
Parish Council Minutes 3 June 2020.pdf18 September 202097kB
Parish Council Minutes 4 March 2020.pdf18 September 2020100kB
Parish Council Minutes 5 Feb 2020.pdf18 September 2020193kB
Parish Council Minutes 8 Jan 2020.pdf14 August 2020121kB